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Training and Consultation

At Lakeview Center we offer training and consultation opportunities for graduate and postgraduate clinicians.  Both newer and seasoned clinicians are welcome to participate in the various groups and programs we offer, or you can contact one of our therapists for individual consultation on your work with clients.  Several of us specialize in various modalities or orientations of clinical work such as psychodynamic, integrative, group, mind-body, couples, etc. and can provide consultation for your own practice.  CEUs are available for Psychologists, Social Workers and Clinical Counselors.  Please scroll down to read about our offerings.

Get CEU’s and explore integrative therapy during shelter-in-place!

A Relational Experiential Model of Integrative Therapy

Using readings, lectures, and case discussions, this online 6 week class will present a theoretically integrative model of relational psychotherapy. Topics to be covered include: innate psychological needs, development, case formulation, the ethics of psychotherapy integration, the therapeutic relationship, choosing interventions, transference and countertransference, and other topics tbd by the needs of the individuals in the class. CEUs including one hour of ethics will be provided. Time to be determined by participants’ schedules. Starting beginning of May. Cost $375

For more information, contact Niquie Dworkin at


Postgraduate Fellowship

The Postgraduate Fellowship Program is designed to help exceptionally qualified and motivated early career psychotherapists to become flexible, creative integrative therapists and to learn the skills necessary to succeed in private practice.  Postgraduate Fellows will gain experience with several therapeutic approaches including relational psychodynamic and psychoanalytic, integrative, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and mind-body psychotherapies. Fellows will also be introduced to the professional aspects of developing a private practice in our cooperative group practice setting.

The Lakeview Center Postgraduate Fellowship Program is a paid, two-year, full-time training experience. Compensation is based on a percentage of fees collected; fellows can expect to earn around $50-$65K yearly.

The Fellow will:

1. Participate in peer consultation groups with established clinicians;
2. Provide supervision to and didactic trainings for externs at Lakeview Center;
3. Conduct community and online outreach, consultation and marketing;
4. Learn fee-setting and all business components of running a practice; and
5. Gain supervised licensure hours required to sit for post-graduate clinical licensing exams.

Fellows will have a caseload of 24-26 hours of individual clients weekly and will typically lead a DBT skills group. Hours are flexible; some weekend or evening hours are required to accommodate working clients.

We have filled this position for 2020. We will accept applications for the two-year Fellowship starting November 1, 2021. Please submit your cover letter, vita, and two to three letters of recommendation via email to Interviews will begin in December and we will keep accepting applications until the position is filled. The Fellowship period begins July 1, 2021 and ends June 30, 2023.  Please contact us with questions.


Graduate Student Externship

We accept two graduate student externs per year for a practicum in psychology, counseling, or social work. Externs must at least be in their second year of a Masters or Doctoral program, and have had at least one previous therapy practicum. Externs should be self-motivated and independent, as Lakeview Center for Psychotherapy is a private practice setting.

Externs will learn though weekly individual clinical supervision with two senior Lakeview Center therapists, peer consultation groups, seminars and clinical training meetings. They will have the opportunity to work with a variety of clients of all ages in individual, couple and group psychotherapy modalities. The externship experience will include training in relational psychodynamic psychotherapy, integrative psychotherapy, and Dialectical Behavior Therapy.

Lakeview Center follows ACEPT guidelines and schedule for ACEPT programs. We may accept non-ACEPT masters level students earlier than the ACEPT notification day. We accept applications beginning January 1. Applications should include a cover letter, resume, academic transcript, and two to three letters of recommendation from people who can discuss your psychotherapy skills and personality strengths.  Mail your materials to Niquie Dworkin, PhD, 3322 N. Ashland Avenue, Chicago IL 60657 or email them to Please contact Dr. Dworkin with questions.


Consultation Group for Clinicians Interested in Group Dynamics

Contact:  Britt Raphling, LCPC, CGP

Tuesdays 12 – 1:30 p.m.

This consultation group for therapists uses the power of interpersonal process to explore cases and other professional concerns to help us develop our identities as clinicians.  Group members share their here-and-now associations to the issues being discussed, offering all members of the group an opportunity to learn about managing and responding to the complex interpersonal dynamics that are constantly being stimulated in our work. If you are interested in group and interpersonal dynamics, and/or in starting your own group, you will benefit from working with the wonderful community of clinicians who are current members, and in adding your own perspective to our collective learning experience.  Both newer and more seasoned therapists are welcome to join.  Current group leadership is not required for membership.


Integrative Psychotherapy Consultation Group

Contact:  Niquie Dworkin, PhD

Saturdays (monthly) 2:45 – 4 p.m.

This group is open to newer, post-graduate therapists as well as therapists who wish to integrate new orientations and interventions into their repertoire.  We will focus on combining symptom-focused and insight-oriented interventions from psychodynamic, cognitive/behavioral, and experiential traditions, and will discuss cases from an integrative relational perspective.


Individual Consultation

The experienced psychotherapists of Lakeview Center for Psychotherapy provide clinical consultation and supervision to other mental health professionals, individually, or in groups. Fees may be set on a sliding scale basis. We are able to provide specialized guidance to therapists who are working with clients struggling with eating disorders, substance abuse and other addictions, compulsive self-injury, and personality disorders.  We also offer consultation on the various modalities of treatment, such as individual, couples, and group.  Please check our therapists’ individual bios for information on their consultation specialties and feel free to reach out to the person who interests you.


Join Lakeview Center for Psychotherapy

We are not seeking any new professionals to join our cooperative practice at this time. Please check back in 2020.


Research Intern

If you are interested in qualitative psychotherapy process and outcome research and would like to gain some experience, please contact Niquie Dworkin, PhD.