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Seeking Experienced Multicultural Therapist


Lakeview Center for Psychotherapy has an opening for a full or part-time multicultural associate therapist in our collaborative practice. This position will include both telehealth and some weekend in-person hours. If you are a licensed therapist with at least one year post licensure of psychotherapy experience in multicultural therapy, exploring identities, and racial and ethnic trauma, and are interested in starting private practice, please contact us.


Our Group Structure

The Center does not take a percentage of fees collected by associates; associates pay a flat monthly fee for rent and all expenses. We offer the opportunity to build your practice, receive all CEUS needed, collaborate on cases in multiple modalities, and work in a supportive collegial atmosphere.  Applicants need to be fully licensed and familiar with or interested in a relational psychodynamic integrative approach to therapy. BIPOC therapists are strongly encouraged to apply.  Please email with questions.

To Apply:

Please email a cover letter, and CV, to In your letter please discuss what draws you to an integrative relational approach, a description of your orientation, what types of clients and problems you enjoy working with and which you find most challenging, and what theorists and experiences have influenced you most.


Training Opportunities


Postgraduate Fellowship

All fellow positions for 2022 have been filled. Please check back in the fall of 2022 to apply. The Lakeview Center Postgraduate Fellowship Program is designed for qualified and motivated pre-license psychotherapists.  We accept new graduates from counseling, social work, and psychology programs. As you fulfill your hours for licensure, we will teach you to be a flexible, creative integrative therapist. You’ll also learn all the skills necessary to succeed in private practice.

Fellows will get experience with several therapeutic approaches, including relational psychodynamic and psychoanalytic, integrative, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, mind-body focused, and trauma-informed psychotherapies. You will be mentored on all the business and professional aspects of developing a practice. Applicants should have a strong interest and/or experience in relational psychodynamic therapy.

The Lakeview Center Postgraduate Fellowship is a paid, two-year, full-time training experience. Compensation is based on a percentage of fees collected. Fellows can expect to earn around $80-120K yearly.

Fellows will:

1. Participate in peer consultation groups with established clinicians
2. Provide supervision to and didactic trainings for externs at Lakeview Center
3. Conduct community and online outreach, consultation, and marketing
4. Learn fee-setting, billing, and all business components of running a practice
5. Gain all supervised licensure hours required for licensure
6. Build a full caseload that they may take with them when the fellowship is completed.

Fellows will have a caseload of 24-26 hours of individual and couple clients weekly and will have the opportunity to lead a DBT skills group. Hours are flexible; some weekend or evening hours are required to accommodate working clients.


About Niquie Dworkin, PhD
Program Director and Clinical Supervisor

I have a doctorate in clinical psychology from the Northwestern University.   I completed 3 years of psychoanalytic training and have trained in DBT and Gottman Method couples treatment.  My general areas of clinical interest and competence include integrative psychotherapy, addiction and compulsion, eating disorders, personality disorders, anxiety and depression, grief and loss, interpersonal and relationship issues, couples therapy, trauma, pre and post-partum transitions, and alternative relationship and sexual lifestyles.

My Approach to Supervision

I view supervision as a process in which I engage a clinician-in-training in professional growth and development while also prioritizing the clients of the supervisee.  I strive to help you increase your clinical knowledge, application of theory, and self-awareness.  My supervision style is psychoanalytically and relationally informed, developmental, and integrative.  I will guide you in learning theories, skills, techniques, and interventions that will allow you to work flexibly with clients.  I will discuss the therapy process with you and participate in exploring conceptualizations.    As I get to know you, I want to understand your unique identity, personality and history.   I will help you reflect on your emotional experiences with clients, the relationships that emerge, and mutual enactments.  Developing as a psychotherapist requires honest reflection, taking risks, openness to feedback and immersion in the role.  I will do my best to facilitate your experiential learning, be honest and supportive, bring my own openness and vulnerability to our relationship, and find creative ways to share what I know about this work.

To Apply:

We will be accepting applications for the 2023 two-year Fellowship starting November 1, 2022. Please submit your cover letter, CV, and 2-3 letters of recommendation that address your clinical work via email to In your letter please discuss what draws you to an integrative relational approach, a description of your orientation, what types of clients and problems you enjoy working with and which you find most challenging, and what theorists and experiences have influenced you most.

Interviews will begin in December and we will keep accepting applications until the position is filled, typically by the end of January. The Fellowship begins July 1, 2023 and ends June 30, 2025.


Psychotherapy Externship

We accept 1-2 doctoral or masters level graduate student externs per year for a practicum in psychology, counseling, or social work. Externs must  have had at least one previous psychotherapy practicum. Candidates should be self-motivated and independent because Lakeview Center is a private practice setting.

Externs will learn though weekly individual clinical supervision with two senior Lakeview Center therapists, peer consultation groups, seminars and clinical training meetings. They will have the opportunity to work with a variety of clients of all ages in individual, couple and group psychotherapy. The externship includes training in relational psychodynamic psychotherapy, integrative psychotherapy, and Dialectical Behavior Therapy. Externs should have experience and/or interest in relational psychodynamic therapy.

Lakeview Center follows the ACEPT guidelines and schedule for ACEPT programs. We accept masters level students according to the schedule and guidelines of their programs. We accept practicum applications beginning January 1 for the externship beginning July 1 of the same year. The externship is a full year long.


To Apply:

Applications should include a cover letter, resume, academic transcript, and two to three letters of recommendation from people who can discuss your psychotherapy skills and personality strengths.  In your cover letter please discuss what draws you to an integrative relational psychodynamic approach, a description of your orientation, what types of clients and problems you enjoy working with and which you find most challenging, and what theorists and experiences have influenced you most.

Please email all materials to Please contact Dr. Dworkin with questions.


Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Transition Fellowship

This full or part-time one-year fellowship is aimed at licensed or pre-license clinicians who have been working in a setting that does not allow them to practice open ended psychodynamic psychotherapy. Prior experiences may include jobs or settings that consist of administration and casework, or that provide only short-term or CBT interventions. The fellowship allows the clinician to learn psychodynamic psychotherapy and to make the transition to private practice. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. The fellowship typically begins January 1 and lasts for the calendar year.

Contact:  Niquie Dworkin, PhD


Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Fellowship

The psychoanalytic fellowship is an unpaid open-ended fellowship which will enable licensed and unlicensed clinicians to learn intensive psychoanalytic psychotherapy. You will be supervised by an experienced contemporary psychoanalytic clinician who will assign and discuss theoretical readings based on your interests. Fellows will see three clients 3-5 times a week until each client shows changes in their unconscious conflicts and long-standing relationship patterns with self and others. Applications for this fellowship will be accepted on a rolling basis. Fees are determined based on the applicant’s financial circumstances and may be waived based on need . This is an affordable, less formal opportunity to learn psychoanalytic treatment.

Contact:  Niquie Dworkin, PhD


Consultation Services


Individual Consultation

The experienced psychotherapists of Lakeview Center for Psychotherapy provide clinical consultation and supervision to other mental health professionals, individually, or in groups. We provide consultation via phone or video worldwide. Fees are set on a sliding scale basis.

Our consultants have expertise in working with clients  with eating disorders, substance abuse and other addictions, compulsive self-injury, and personality disorders.  We offer consultation on  individual, couples, and group therapy.  Read more about a relational approach to supervision and consultation here.

Please check our therapists’ individual bios for information on their consultation specialties and feel free to reach out to the person who interests you. If you want us match you with the best consultant for you, contact us today.


Integrative Psychotherapy Consultation Group

This group is open to newer, post-graduate therapists as well as therapists who wish to integrate new orientations and interventions into their repertoire.  We will focus on combining symptom-focused and insight-oriented interventions from psychodynamic, cognitive/behavioral, and experiential traditions, and will discuss cases from an integrative relational perspective. Monthly, time TBD.

Contact:  Niquie Dworkin, PhD


Intro to Integrative Psychotherapy-CEUS Available

A Relational Experiential Model of Integrative Therapy

Using readings, lectures, and case discussions, this workshop presents a theoretically integrative model of relational psychotherapy. Topics to be covered include: innate psychological needs, development, case conceptualization, the ethics of psychotherapy integration, the therapeutic relationship, choosing interventions, transference and countertransference, and other topics tbd by the needs of the individuals in the class. CEUs, including one hour of ethics will be provided. Time and dates to be determined by participants’ schedules. This class or worksop can be arranged as an independent study, a small group, or for staff training.

Contact:  Niquie Dworkin, PhD


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