Integrative Therapy

Integrative Psychotherapy in Chicago

Integrative therapy is ideal for complex problems such as bipolar disorder, panic attacks, or compulsive behaviors.

Integrative therapy combines different therapeutic tools and approaches so we can meet your personal needs. We combine the three major schools of psychotherapy as well as current research. This makes your therapy more flexible and effective. Read more deeply about how three ways therapy can work.

Depression Therapy Chicago. Anxiety Therapy Chicago

How an integrative therapist helps

An integrative model can target both symptoms and deeper issues. This kind of therapy can relieve symptoms faster and have longer lasting effects. Integrative therapy is ideal for many problems, including depression, anxiety, personality disorders, addictions, and eating disorders. We use ideas and strategies from psychodynamic, DBT, cognitive-behavioral, family systems, and other therapies. Read more about integrative therapy here.

We will meet with you to figure out the best way to address your problems. Different therapy methods may be used at different times as your needs change.

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This video explains how to integrate DBT skills, mindfulness, and body awareness in order to work with difficult emotions: