What’s New?

New therapy services and groups in Chicago

In person therapy for vaccinated clients now available!  Please contact us to begin in person therapy or remote therapy by phone or video.


Welcome New Externs!

Lakeview Center is pleased the welcome our new externs, Hali and Kyle. who openings for clients in weekly psychotherapy or psychoanalytic (2-4x a week) psychotherapy for an affordable weekly fee. To read more about Hali and Kyle or to set up an appointment with them, please visit our Therapist Page.


Lakeview Center is Seeking Multicultural  Therapists and a Psychopharmacologist

Lakeview Center for Psychotherapy is seeking full or part-time psychotherapists with expertise in multicultural therapy, racial identity and racial trauma. BIPOC are strongly encouraged to apply. If you have expertise and interest in these areas and would like to begin building a private practice part-time on weekends, please contact us.

We are also seeking a psychopharmacologist (PAs and nurse practitioners welcome) full or part time, for medication management and, if interested, psychotherapy.

Lakeview Center does not take a percentage of fees collected by associates, rather associates pay a flat monthly fee for rent and all expenses. Lakeview Center offers the opportunity to build your practice, receive all CEUS needed, collaborate on cases in multiple modalities, and work in a supportive, collegial atmosphere.  Applicants need to be familiar with a relational integrative approach to therapy and be paneled with BCBS insurance. Please send a cover letter in which you discuss what draws you to a n integrative relational approach, a description of your orientation, what types of clients and problems you enjoy working with and which you find most challenging, and what theorists and experiences have influenced you most., a CV, a photo, and 2-3 references to  info@lakeviewtherapy.com to apply, or email with questions.


All of our Extern and Post Grad Fellowship Positions are Filled

Please check back with us in November 2021 to apply for our advanced therapy practicum and to see if we have openings for more fellows. For more info, see our Training page.


New In Person All Gender Interpersonal Process Group forming now!

This group provides a forum for members to explore how they contribute and react to interpersonal pressures and opportunities.  Participants can learn about the customary social roles they assume, and make changes to relationship patterns that feel problematic and unfulfilling.  Periodically, review sessions will be held, through which group members can organize their learning and consider its application to other settings such as work, family, and social circles.

Wednesdays, 9 – 10:15 a.m.
For more information please contact Spencer Biel, PsyD
or Niquie Dworkin, PhD


Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Fellowship

This open-ended fellowship will enable licensed and unlicensed clinicians to learn intensive psychoanalytic psychotherapy under the supervision of an experienced contemporary psychoanalytic clinician. Fellows will see three clients 3-5 times a week until each client is  able to shift their unconscious conflicts and long-standing relationship patterns with self and others. Applications for this fellowship will be accepted on a rolling basis.

Contact:  Niquie Dworkin, PhD



Psychotherapy Offices for Rent Part-Time

Lakeview Center for Psychotherapy currently has offices that can be rented in 4, 6 or 8 hours blocks on weekends only.  You may may rent the whole weekend, Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday for a flat fee that varies according to office size. The offices are tastefully furnished and in a building fully occupied by therapists.  To see photos of the offices and our building, please check out the Rent an Office page.  For more information on rentals and to visit our offices, please email Kate Fiello,LCSW or call her at 773-525-3322.


EMDR and Somatic Experiencing

Lakeview Center now offers EMDR and Somatic Experiencing. These therapy modalities work with the understanding that traumatic memories can get “stuck” and hinder functioning.  These experiential therapies help to work through traumatic events and increase integration and wellbeing.

For more information or to set up an appointment contact us.


New In Person and Telehealth DBT Groups  

In Person: Tuesdays 4 – 5:45 p.m.
Telehealth: Sundays 10-11:45AM

Contact: Deirdre Levine.

DBT skills groups offer strategies for managing strong emotions and scan be a valuable addition to individual psychotherapy.  DBT skills groups may be particularly useful to individuals struggling with eating disorders, self-injury, anger, and other impulsive and compulsive behaviors.  The groups are open to new members every four weeks.  Each unit focuses on one of the four DBT Skill Areas:  Core Mindfulness, Distress Tolerance, Emotion Regulation, and Interpersonal Effectiveness.  The groups are open to clients of all genders, aged 16 and up.


Integrative Psychotherapy Consultation Group

This group is open to new therapists who have just finished a graduate program as well as therapists who wish to integrate new orientations and interventions into their repertoire.  We will focus on combining symptom-focused, insight-oriented, and unconscious focused interventions from the psychodynamic, cognitive/behavioral, and experiential traditions, and will discuss cases from an integrative relational perspective.

Saturdays (monthly) time TBD

Contact:  Niquie Dworkin, PhD


What is your attachment style and how does it affect your relationships?

Learn by watching this video!