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New Psychotherapy Services and Groups in Chicago

Low fee therapy now available! We will set your fee based on your financial circumstances.

Please contact us to begin in-person therapy or remote therapy by phone or video.

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Low Fee Psychoanalytic Therapy Available Now!

Our new psychoanalytic psychotherapy fellow has an opening for a hybrid 3 time a week psychoanalytic psychotherapy client. Insurance accepted, fee will be adjusted based on client’s need. Perfect for a graduate student or anyone interested in deep exploration. Our fellow Alisha Hooda is a very bright, enthusiastic BIPOC therapist. Please email me at info@lakeviewtherapy.com if you know someone who is interested.


Seeking Full-Time Associate Therapist

Lakeview Center for Psychotherapy has openings for a full-time associate therapist in our collaborative practice.  If you are a psychoanalytically or psychodynamically oriented therapist who is licensed and on at least one insurance panel, we encourage you to contact us. We are looking for culturally responsive therapists with varied life experiences and diverse viewpoints. BIPOC therapists are strongly encouraged to apply.

Our Group Structure

The Center does not take a percentage of fees collected by associates; associates pay a flat monthly fee for rent, CEUs, marketing, and all shared expenses. We offer the opportunity to build your practice, receive all CEUS needed, collaborate on cases in multiple modalities, and work in a supportive collegial atmosphere.  Applicants need to be fully licensed and familiar with or interested in a psychodynamic integrative approach to therapy.  Please email info@lakeviewtherapy.com with questions.

To Apply:

Please email a cover letter, and CV, to info@lakeviewtherapy.com. In your letter please discuss how your background informs your therapeutic approach, a description of your orientation, and what types of clients you work with best.


Virtual Interpersonal Process Training Group For Therapists

This new training group is open to all mental health graduate students and early career professionals. We will use the group process to explore intrapersonal and interpersonal dynamics. The group will enable participants to receive feedback about interactions, explore transference reactions and group roles, and attain greater levels of intimacy and self-awareness. We will also meet in person 1-2 times per year. This forum will allow you to connect with other therapists and gain support in doing this challenging work.

Fridays 2-3:20 CST
$75 per session
Please contact Niquie Dworkin


Virtual Integrative Psychotherapy Consultation Group

This group is open to new therapists anywhere in the world who have just finished a graduate program as well as therapists who wish to integrate new orientations and interventions into their repertoire.  We will focus on combining symptom-focused, insight-oriented, and unconscious focused interventions from the psychodynamic, cognitive/behavioral, and experiential traditions, and will discuss cases from an integrative relational perspective.

Sundays, Monthly, noon $50 per group.

Contact:  Niquie Dworkin, PhD


Extern and Post Grad Fellowship Positions

We will begin accepting applications for our 2024 post-grad fellowship on November 1. We will begin accepting application for our 2024 externship on January 1, 2024.  For more info, please see our Training page.


New Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)Group Forming Now!

This is a virtual group, meeting weekly. The group follows a “class” like structure, where you will learn specific skills to help live with and regulate difficult emotions. The skills include

  • Mindfulness – how to control and regulate your attention and be more “present” in your everyday life.
  • Emotion Regulation – how to understand your emotions, change and reduce your vulnerability to unwanted emotions.
  • Distress Tolerance – how to tolerate intense emotions and make healthier choices when under distress.
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness – how to communicate effectively and get your interpersonal needs met.

These sessions are structured, with a set agenda for each session, and homework to help strengthen the skills learned. DBT skills have been found to help individuals with a range of emotional conditions (e.g. Neacsiu et al., 2014) and function as a good supplement to individual therapy.

Clients in this group are required to have an individual therapist whom they meet with regularly. This does not have to be a therapist from Lakeview Center of Psychotherapy.

Tuesdays from 4-5:45pm
Please contact Deepika Anand, PhD

Neacsiu, A. D., Eberle, J. W., Kramer, R., Wiesmann, T., & Linehan, M. M. (2014). Dialectical behavior therapy skills for transdiagnostic emotion dysregulation: A pilot randomized controlled trial. Behaviour research and therapy, 59, 40-51.


New In Person All Gender Interpersonal Process Groups Forming Now!

These groups provides a forum for members to explore how they contribute and react to interpersonal pressures and opportunities.  Participants can learn about the customary social roles they assume, and make changes to relationship patterns that feel problematic and unfulfilling.  Members will challenge, support, and help heal each other emotionally.

Saturdays, 9:30-10:45
Please contact Sevil Aksoy

Tuesdays 6-7:20pm
Please contact Gabriel Linn, MSW


Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Fellowship

This unpaid, open-ended fellowship will enable licensed and unlicensed clinicians to learn intensive psychoanalytic psychotherapy under the supervision of an experienced contemporary psychoanalytic clinician. Fellows will see 2-3 clients 3-5 times a week until each client is able to shift their unconscious conflicts and long-standing relationship patterns with self and others. Applications for this fellowship will be accepted on a rolling basis.

Contact:  Niquie Dworkin, PhD


Psychotherapy Offices for Rent Part-Time

Lakeview Center for Psychotherapy currently has one office for rent full time, and offices that can be rented in 4, 6 or 8 hours blocks on weekends only.  You may rent the whole weekend: Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday for a flat fee that varies according to office size. The offices are tastefully furnished and in a building fully occupied by therapists.  To see photos of the offices and our building, please check out the Rent an Office page.  For more information on rentals and to visit our offices, please email Kate Fiello, LCSW or call her at 773-525-3322.


What is your attachment style and how does it affect your relationships?

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