Anxiety Therapy In Chicago

Anxiety Therapy in Chicago

Did you know many of the reasons you feel anxious may be unconscious? When we suppress our painful feelings, or feel conflicted about what we want, these feelings and conflicts often take the form of generalized anxiety. This feeling of anxiety often doesn’t seem to have a reason. Another unconscious reason many of us feel anxious can go back to our early childhood. When our caretakers couldn’t provide us with enough security and stability, this can create an insecure attachment style that may follow us into our adult relationships. The more you can express your feelings and get support from your relationships, the more your anxiety will decrease.

In our approach to therapy we’ll help you notice when your anxiety symptoms are triggered and how they may be related to patterns in your life. Sometimes anxiety or panic attacks seem to come “out of nowhere,” but when you have the time and space to make connections, you can often discover how and where the patterns start. Sometimes the anxiety may come up in the middle of a therapy session, which is a great opportunity for you and your therapist to learn about your unique dynamics. People who suffer from anxiety are often unaware of their emotional needs. Once you understand what you need from your relationships, you can get more support and fulfillment from others.

For some people, symptoms of panic and anxiety begin in childhood, when either real separations created a feeling of abandonment or the child felt abandoned emotionally because her parents were preoccupied or distant. Often the child concludes that she was left alone because she did something bad or was bad. When anxiety is related to relational trauma, therapy might need to focus on these feelings in order for you to feel secure and calm in the present.

How We Can Help

At Lakeview Center, we have multiple approaches to help with anxiety. Our Integrative and DBT therapists can teach mindfulness techniques and other skills to address anxiety symptoms quickly. Psychodynamic Therapy is the best way to help you get in touch with unconscious emotions and conflicts and work through patterns from childhood. Mind-Body Therapy helps release traumatic memories and feelings stored in the body. Our nurse practitioners can also prescribe medication to decrease anxiety.

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To learn more about anxiety, please view the video below.