Couple Therapy

Couples Therapy in Chicago

Research shows most couples wait too long before beginning couples therapy. Contact us now if you are wondering about your relationship, before you get stuck!


How we can help

The couple therapists at Lakeview have advanced training to help you and your partner(s) find new ways of understanding and connecting with each other. We help couples with frequent arguments, sexual  problems, transition to parenthood, remarriage, infidelity, separation, infertility, adoption, cultural and identity concerns, and financial conflicts.


Our Approach

We use an integrative approach that combines relational psychodynamic work with practical suggestions. Read more about psychodynamic couple work in this article by our colleague Carla Leone.

For examples of practical tools to repair your relationship after a difficult conflict, download this Gottman Method booklet: Aftermath-of-a-Fight.

For more information on couple therapy, contact us today.