Couples Therapy

Couples therapy focuses on the relationship between two people. Research has demonstrated that many couples wait too long before seeking help, so we encourage you to contact us if you are wondering about the health of your relationship and before harmful patterns have become entrenched.

At Lakeview Center for Psychotherapy, our therapists are trained to help you and your partner identify problematic areas in your relationship and formulate new ways of understanding and connecting with each other. We have experience helping couples understand and respond to frequent arguments, sexual intimacy problems, transition to parenthood, remarriage, infidelity, emotional estrangement, separation and divorce, blended family challenges, infertility, adoption, cultural and identity concerns, empty-nest transition, and financial conflicts.

It can be a good time to seek couples counseling if you are experiencing any or several of the following concerns: recurring arguments that feel overwhelming, a sense of being misunderstood, feelings of loneliness or disconnection, recurring thoughts of leaving the relationship, thoughts of having an affair, a sense of helplessness, or a sense of resentment. Our approach will help you to explore each partner’s history to better understand current patterns, slow down cycles of conflict to decrease escalation, and learn new communication styles.

For more information on couples therapy contact us.