Child and Family Therapy

Child Therapy

Even children with healthy, secure relationships with parents can experience developmental struggles. Children typically show us they are sad or anxious and need help through their behavior. Parents often get a sense that something is wrong or notice changes in their child’s mood. You may find that your child is disruptive at home or school; has difficulty focusing; is impulsive; is easily frustrated or angry and has a difficult time calming down; has problems making friends or getting along with peers; is doing poorly at school or refusing to attend; has bedwetting episodes and/or daytime accidents; or is engaging in risky or self-destructive behaviors.

Significant transitions and events such as divorce, illness, loss, new additions to the family, puberty, moving, and romantic breakups may impact a child’s development and growth. Children with learning disabilities or other academic challenges may experience coinciding emotional or self-esteem issues.

Therapy can help children resolve the developmental challenges and underlying conflicts related to problematic behaviors and learn new coping techniques. Play and talk therapy, parent counseling, and family therapy support children and families. Therapy can address emotions and behaviors that may be interfering with individual development, school performance, and relationships. Our approach draws on attachment theory and developmental psychology. Read more about attachment theory here. Our therapists can help you and your child strengthen your relationship and improve your child’s sense of self agency.

Family Therapy

Therapy can help families from all backgrounds understand how they work as a unit and how relationship dynamics impact the family’s ability to cope with major events and everyday stressors.

Families coming to therapy may consist of parents and children, parents and adult children, siblings or members of an extended family that are experiencing conflicts or struggling to support one another. Family therapy can help each member understand the the role they play in the family and to discover more flexible ways of relating.

Even long-standing attachment patterns in families can be addressed in therapy. When the family functions better as a unit, each individual can flourish. Family dynamics are complicated. Our therapists can help you gain a new perspective and grow together.

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