Child and Family Therapy

Child and Family Therapy in Chicago

Child and Play Therapy

Younger children usually show us they are sad, anxious, and need help through their behavior. You may notice your kid is unhappy because of changes in your child’s mood or behavior. Your child’s teacher may notice something is wrong.

Kids often have trouble with big life changes such as divorce, illness, loss, new siblings, puberty, or moving.

Common problems for kids include difficulty focusing, anger, impulsivity, problems making friends, doing poorly at school, or risky behavior.

How Therapy Helps

Therapy helps kids understand and express their feelings and learn new coping skills. We provide child play and talk therapy, parenting sessions, and family treatment.  You may need a combination of these so both you and child get support.

Our approach is based on developmental and attachment theory. Read more about attachment theory here. We will help you and your child strengthen your relationship. A confident kid will be able to express feelings in healthy ways.

Family Therapy

Family therapy helps families from all backgrounds get along and cope better.

Your whole family, or just a few family members may be having conflicts and communication problems. Your therapist will help each member understand the roles they play in the family and discover more flexible ways of relating.

When the whole family works better together, then each individual can thrive. Family relationships are complicated. Your family therapist will help you grow and change together.

We can also work with your chosen family: friendships, work relationships, or other groups that may be experiencing conflict.

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