About Us

Lakeview Center for Psychotherapy is an interdisciplinary cooperative of therapists in Chicago who have come together because of a shared philosophy and approach. The majority of us have been working together for many years.

We believe every individual, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, or “diagnosis,” has within her or him the ability to change. We have experienced the transformative power of a supportive, mutually respectful relationship. We believe a therapist actively participates in the relationship, in addition to observing the process and offering expertise. We believe that change happens through a combination of insight and action.

We are able to provide needed support during important life transitions such as pre and post-pregnancy, parenting dilemmas, beginning college, pre and post marriage, career crises, break-ups and divorce, menopause, retirement, and grief and loss. It is at these stressful times that symptoms such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders and compulsive behaviors are most likely to appear.

We have advanced training and expertise in many areas including eating disorders, child therapy, family and couples treatment, psychoanalytic psychotherapy, pharmacotherapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, substance abuse counseling, mindfulness meditation, nutrition therapy, and movement therapy.

Our professionals are able to combine our services to provide intensive treatment and extra support.

We work with our clients’ strengths and approach each client as a unique individual. We focus on forming a close, collaborative working relationship with our clients to create an environment where we can help people grow and reach their potential.